Participants for the Fast Track export program for 2019 have been chosen

Six companies representing artists and songwriters on the verge of international breakthrough will take part in Music Finland's Fast Track export program this year.

Six artists and companies have been selected to take part in Music Finland’s this year’s Fast Track program, which aims to support the exports of the most potential names in Finnish music. Three of the artists and companies are following up their last year’s participation in Fast Track: Alma (Pinnacle Helsinki Oy, funding 43 000 €), Isac Elliot (Manage Me Oy, funding 21 500 €) and Elements Music, focusing on songwriter Axel Ehnström's international career (funding 16 000 €). New participants on the program are metal bands Lost Society (Grey Beard Oy, funding 16 000 €) and Battle Beast (Master Corporation Oy, funding 21 500 €) and pop artist Lxandra (Skär Entertainment Oy, funding 32 000 €).

Participants for the Fast Track program are selected once a year. The duration of each participating project can be from 1 to 3 years, but the funding decision is made for one year at a time. 

The Fast Track music export program was developed to support significant international breakthroughs from Finland. It is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Music Foundation.