Virtual space Motel Finlandia is now open for visitors

Motel Finlandia, Music Finland's new virtual space for Finnish music, is open for visitors now!

Welcome to Motel Finlandia, where Finns are not what they seem. The virtual space Motel Finlandia lies in the forgotten backwoods, somewhere between the real world and the otherworldly.

Motel Finlandia is a new virtual music export concept designed by Music Finland and Arilyn. The idea behind Motel Finlandia is to experiment how music export and music promotion can be done in virtual spaces and the metaverse. The first version was launched during SXSW in March 2022. New artists are added to the Motel Finlandia lineup during the fall and winter 2022–2023.

You can access Motel Finlandia with a web browser on your mobile or laptop at here. To get into the Motel Finlandia mood, watch the teaser video embedded below.


This project is financed by the European Union's Next Generation EU funding, which is channeled through the RRF (Recovery and Resilience Facility) support by the Ministry of Education and Culture.