Watch Arctic Paradise World & Jazz Event aftermovie

In June 2018 Music Finland organised Arctic Paradise World & Jazz Event, a networking and showcase happening in Helsinki for international music professionals.

Arctic Paradise World & Jazz Event gathered 19 gatekeepers from Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, and the UK. The aim of the event was to build new networks: connect the Finnish and international professionals to create new international partnerships and to strengthen the export possibilities of Finnish jazz and world music.

During three sunny June days, altogether 13 showcase acts played in various venues, representing the most topical Finnish jazz and world music of today. Besides top-notch music, the delegation enjoyed Finnish delicacies, visited a sauna by the seaside, among other activities.

Showcase concerts took place all around Helsinki, from the historic fortress island Suomenlinna to Koko Jazz Club and Kapsäkki Music Theatre in the trendy Kallio neighborhood.

You can experience Arctic Paradise World & Jazz Event in a mini-documentary below, with music by the showcase artists. And you can see photos of the event here.

Arctic Paradise World & Jazz Event aftermovie