What's cooking: Knife Girl

On the 2nd part of our Q&A series "What's cooking" we meet hyperpop and indie mastermind Knife Girl, who released her latest full-length, the excellent "CUM" on the Soliti label last November.

Describe your latest album "CUM" with five words.

Knife Girl: "Sex. Dance. Life. Death. Trans."

Tell us an interesting detail about the making of the record!

KG: "Playing the songs live ended up influencing the final album a lot! Gauging the audiences reactions, I could better inform if some parts were too long or short or if one version of a beat landed better than another. Even the final tracklist ended up just being our live setlist."

If Knife Girl's music was a meal, what would it be?

KG: "A piece of sweet, vegan strawberry shortcake… Lots of cream."

What instrument would you like to learn to play?

KG: "I’ve been DYING to learn bass! Bass is absolutely the coolest and best instrument. My unpopular opinion is that most bands could consist of only bass, drums, and vocals (no offence to other instruments)."

What is the best Eurovision contest song of all time?

KG: "Rise Like a Phoenix by Conchita Wurst, of course. Okay, Waterloo is a close second. Damn, I love Eurovision, it’s a shame I won’t be watching this year if they let Israel participate."

Could artificial intelligence replace Knife Girl, and if so, what would the outcome be?

KG: "I feel like putting all of my music into AI and expecting something good to come out is like putting a beef steak and a bag of skittles into a blender and expecting an outcome that tastes good."

Which artist do you remember seeing first at a gig?

KG: "My dad took me to see Hurts at Helsinki Ice Hall in 2011. I proudly wore my Hurts t-shirt at school the next day."

What's the first pop song you remember liking?

KG: "Boten Anna by Basshunter. I felt so cool when I brought the CD with me to pre-school."

What song do you sing at karaoke?

KG: "Toto’s Africa, Human League’s Don’t You Want Me and ABC’s The Look Of Love are some of my favorite karaoke songs. Soft Cell’s Say Hello, Wave Goodbye is my newest karaoke-love.

Where would you like to perform if you could choose any place in the world?

KG: "I would go back in time and play CBGB."


Knife Girl: CUM

(Soliti, 2023)