Meet the five Finnish acts playing Eurosonic 2024

Between January 17 and 20, five Finnish acts will take over the stages of Groeningen’s Eurosonic! Finland’s line-up consists of Latin-flavored pop juggernaut Joalin, synth-pop favorites Pearly Drops, garage punkers Us, psychedelic rockers Polymoon and electronic trio VIRTA.


Singer, dancer and social media influencer Joalin Loukamaa first became known as a member of the popular Now United group formed by the Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller. Joalin was born in Finland but has lived most of her life in Spain and Mexico – a fact that which may describe the Nordic melancholy as well as the Latin flavorings in her music. The lyrics in Joalin’s songs also combine Spanish and English. The debut solo single “Angelito” was released in June 2022 as the first single from her debut EP I’m the One. Joalin is signed to Because London Records and is preparing new music to be released in 2024.

Performance Time:

Fri 19th Jan, 21:30–22:10 at Forum Rabostudio

Pearly Drops

Pearly Drops (formerly known as Femme en Fourrure) is the electronic indie pop duo consisting of Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin. With concise and sparse compositional methods, ethereal vocal performances underlined by dreamy, precise synths and percussion, Pearly Drops explain to be "in the process of weaving - something made for keeping the hope inside and the unmeaningful at bay". Pearly Drops’ nostalgic soundscapes have been said to create a “sense of time and placelessness in a world of strange and softly smudged pop music”. The ethereal synth pop duo released their sophomore album A Little Disaster via Cascine Records in April 2023

Performance Time:

Thu 18th Jan, 22:50–23:30 at Forum Rabostudio


Helsinki-based quintet Polymoon operates somewhere between cosmic space rock and progressive psychedelia. The basic elements are crushing fuzz guitars and undulating synthesizers, backed by a symbiosis of complex drum sequences and pulsating bass guitar, forming a triangle of euphoria, melancholia and psychedelia. Polymoon's critically acclaimed debut Caterpillars of Creation, hailed as a ‘six track psych prog explosion’, was released in 2020 by Svart and followed in 2023 by 2nd album Chrysalis, which showed the band's musical wings slowly unfolding.

Performance Time:

Wed to Thu night 17 Jan, 23:30–00:10 at All Round


Finnish fivesome Us, consisting of three brothers and two high school friends, plays the sort of punky and garage-y old-school rock’n’roll that simultaneously makes you think of Stiff-era pub rock as well as mod-era brit-r&b. They have been touring heavily in the UK throughout 2023, playing club and festival dates around the country, including nine shows in Glastonbury. Us is finishing their debut album which they recorded in 2023 at The Libertines’ studio. Mojo Magazine described their music as “Dr. Feelgood-style punk-blues with the vigour of peak Ramones".

Performance Time:

Wed to Thu night 17th Jan, 23:30–00:10 at MAAS Front.


For a bassless trio, Virta create a huge soundscape; expressive, avant garde and eminently fresh, mixing ambient electronica into Nordic jazz, post-rock and psychedelia. Formed in 2011, their playing is characterized by skillful musicianship and inventive use of electronic effects, with occasional atmospheric vocals. Virta is also known for their immersive and quite fierce live shows. After being in metamorphosis for the past several years, the trio released their long awaited third album Horros via Svart Records in October 2023. With it Virta dives deeper into the twilight zone, reaching towards still uncharted soundscapes. Read more about Virta on our recent spotlight article!

Performance Time:

Thu 18th Jan, 20:50–21:30 at Der AA-Theater