New songwriting camp gathers Finnish hip hop and r&b creators

A new addition to Music Finland's songwriting camp repertoire, Hip Hop Hotel is aimed for writers and artists focusing on rap, hip hop and r&b music. The camp will be held in Suomenlinna, Helsinki between December 12-14, 2022.

Hip Hop Hotel aims to showcase the most interesting new Finnish producers, artists and songwriters hailing from the local hip hop, rap and R&B scene and collaborate with talent from other European countries.

Hip Hop Hotel will be organized at Suomenlinnan Studio, in Suomenlinna – a fortress island within the city of Helsinki. The co-writing sessions will be taken over by artists and songwriters from other European markets, invited by Music Finland. We will host five writing teams simultaneously and each creative will work in two different teams during the camp.

Hip Hop Hotel is Music Finland’s newest songwriting camp concept, a spin-off developed from our long-running Song Hotel. Artist and songwriter ALMA’s international career was kickstarted from one of Music Music Finland’s previous hip hop camps in 2015. During our Aus Finnland initiative artists like Hanybal and Kaas from Die Orsons participated the Music Finland hip hop camps.

Song Hotel aims to support upcoming songwriters from different genres and support the development of their special expertise and professional character. Song Hotel is a part of Music Finland’s song export strategy, along with A-Pop Castle, Song Castle, Top 20 – Future Hitmakers and the Future Vision of Finnish Songwriters and Publishers. EDM Hotel and Rock Song Hotel are the other Song Hotel camps focusing on a specific subgenre of pop music.

The songwriting camp Song Hotel has been organized since 2011. Few of the most recent camps have featured artists such as Kelvin Jones and Ilira, and for example Novaa, Halie and Simonne Jones have released songs written at Song Hotel.

International artists, songwriters and industry will participate by invitation.

Finnish artists and songwriters will be chosen through an application process (please visit our Finnish language site for applications).