New Experimental Music from Finland

Get yourself acquainted with the Finnish experimental music scene! 

Since experimental is a relatively abstract tag for a music genre, we look at it from a broad angle – thus the playlist covers music ranging from surreal sound manipulations and freaky electro to avant-garde pop and modern contemporary art music.  

The playlist will be updated frequently. 

New Experimental Music from Finland

Related Artists

Project Vainiolla Ensemble

On Project Vainiolla Ensemble’s debut album Suruvesi, Kalle Vainio’s prepared piano meets Emmi Kuittinen’s lamenting (ancient oral tradition which combines singing and crying). The two powerful instruments are accompanied by an ensemble of electronic and acoustic instruments (i.e. kantele, reeds and modular synthesizer) as well as field recordings and soundscapes captured in forests and fields.

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Ilpo Väisänen's new album ÄÄNET is a tribute to his late Pan Sonic bandmate Mika Vainio. ÄÄNET is Väisänen's first record under the alias I-LP-ON (most of his recent material has come as I-LP-O In Dub). Inspired by "the life of Pan Sonic," according to the press release, the album synthesizes all the genres that influenced the duo's music: industrial, ambient, dub and more.

Amnesia Scanner

Amnesia Scanner is a Berlin-based Finnish duo, who released their debut ep ”AS” on Young Turks label in the spring of 2016, with critical acclaim from Pitchfork, Allmusic, Resident Advisor and many others. In 2016 the mysterious band put out their self-released album ”AS Live” and in 2017 the mixtape ”AS Truth”.

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Exploited Body

Exploited Body, the brainchild of multidisciplinary artist Noah Kin, is an exploration of relentless, club-ready experiments that push the limits of the physicality of sound.

Mika Vainio

Finnish electronic musician and composer Mika Vainio (1963–2017) was a pivotal figure in the Finnish music scene. In addition to founding Pan Sonic, Vainio also released music under his own name as well as Ø, Philus and others. He also collaborated frequently with filmmaker Mika Taanila.


Tsembla is the solo alias of musician Marja Ahti, a frequent collaborator of the Kemialliset Ystävät musical collective and one half of the electro-acoustic duo Ahti & Ahti. As Tsembla, Ahti creates vivid, imaginative compositions of sound and rhythm using electronics and treated samples of recorded acoustic instruments, objects, voices, feedback, and environmental sounds.

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Finnish quintet Oddarrang has established itself as a band with an undeniably unique sound – blending monumental riffs and dynamic builds and influenced by jazz, classical, world music and post-rock. On their latest releases the group has veered towards experimental ambient soundscapes.

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Paavoharju is one of the internationally best known underground groups from Finland. The Wire dubbed Paavoharju's music as “home-taped experimentation married to pop ecstasy”, which describes perfectly their combination of hazy lo-fi indie, religious imagery and dreamy/nightmarish ambient atmosphere.

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Kemialliset Ystävät

Kemialliset Ystävät is a long-running music collective headed by Jan Anderzén. The group has become known for their abstract and playful electronic folk. Their latest album, Siipi Empii, was released by Leaving Records.

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Rättö ja Lehtisalo

Rättö ja Lehtisalo is an experimental and psychedelic rock duo consisting of Mika Rättö (Circle, Kuusumun Profeetta) and Jussi Lehtisalo (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord, Split Cranium).

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Tarrantulla is the sixth and latest album by Finnish Berlin-based artist Merja Kokkonen, alias Islaja. It is the artist’s first major solo release since 2014’s S U U. Islaja returns as eclectic as ever. Synth pop collides with saxophone riffs and humorous lyricism (Tactile Material), folk melodies and flutes undergo electronic transformations (Sadetta), interludes of pure, abstract sound design frame lyrics from the epic Kalevala song tradition (Emosein).

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Olavi Louhivuori

Drum and percussion artist Olavi Louhivuori started his ambitious five album project Immediate Music in December when Svart Records released Immediate Music I on LP and digital formats. The five-part series aims to explore the limits of freedom in music, with Louhivuori working with different ensembles from album to album. On the first album percussionist Louhivuori is joined by Pekko Käppi on bowed lyre and sound artist Teemu Korpipää on synthesizer and sound effects.

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Tuomo Puranen & Timo Kaukolampi

Puranen and Kaukolampi’s best known collaborations so far have been K-X-P’s albums. Now the two have collaborated on a dark and brooding electronic soundtrack for the film Euthanizer, which brought them the Jussi award for the best Finnish film OST.

Lau Nau

Laura Naukkarinen’s songs are imbued with a cinematic breadth of vision and her idiosyncratic, finely honed soundworld builds on fragile, spectral otherness. In her concerts you can feel the time stop while she shares small stories with the audience, accompanied by a guitar, synths, small toy instruments and a sea of effects. Lau Nau’s fifth album Poseidon was released in November 2017. It is a a heart breaking, beautiful, crooked orchestral album that is created with her co-players Matti Bye, Helena Espvall, Samuli Kosminen, Pekko Käppi and Antti Tolvi. 

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Meriheini Luoto

Meriheini Luoto, a 2016 graduate of Sibelius Academy, is an artist who explores sound as a comprehensive phenomenon with violin, nyckelharpa, vocals, and electronics as her instruments of choice. Meriheini finds inspiration for her particular sound in several musical styles including experimental music, sonic arts, and Nordic folk music.

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“I wanted to break all structure, to see if all form can be destroyed,” says K-X-P frontman, Timo Kaukolampi, of his debut solo album. The resulting album is one long track broken up into five titles. Across that runs an eerie dystopian presence driven by pulsating synths and distant beats, whilst stylistically traversing across cosmic disco, techno and dense cinematic ambience.

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Multimedia artist Jan Anderzén a.k.a. Tomutonttu’s ”Kevätjuhla” was inspired by the multitudes of mold and microbial life. The album blends electronic and acoustic instrumentation together confidently with a minimal and razor sharp approach to production – each track becoming an integral part of the records' trippy cut & paste narrative, leaving the listener unaware when one bit ends and another begins. Despite Anderzén’s abstract compositions, the music has a pop sensibility at its core, still avoiding genre classification and going fully into the realm of 'other'.

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Ona Kamu

Ona Kamu has many titles: singer, musician, composer, actor, dancer, director and CEO of her own record company – among others. On her latest album ”Se kaikki jää”, Kamu composes, plays, sings, programs, records, arranges and produces all the material with some help from hip hop producer Kalifornia-Keke. The music is difficult to file under one category – it’s electronic indie, but also more than that. The result is an irresistibly beautiful and ruggedly honest album.

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Project Vainiolla

Kalle Vainio is a composer whose evocative musical language is a curious fusion of Finnish folk music and minimalism. He has written many compositions including works for piano, viola, orchestra, chamber music, choral and music for traditional Finnish instruments. Recently Vainio has composed music for documentary films commissioned by Finnish broadcasting company YLE and explored different perspectives of contemporary minimalism.

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Mesak hails from the ground zero of modern Finnish electronic music, both mentally and geographically. The Turku-based musician has enjoyed a two decade career in the Finnish scene, playing everywhere from clubs to galleries, in different groups and as a solo act. Styles and names are bountiful and plenteous, from the electro bangers of Mr Velcro Fastener to the ethno rap of Ya Tosiba, Mesak’s twisted downbeat releases on the Harmönia label as well as his more experimental music and sound art.

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Lauri Ainala

Previously known as the mastermind of the acclaimed experimental pop group Paavoharju, Lauri Ainala draws a bleak picture with his debut solo work, "Orpokotijuhlat Saarella" (Svart Records). The album is based on the Pietistic convention held at Saari in eastern Finland; the sectarian event has been held yearly since 1916, and it consists of sermons, Bible lessons, prayers, Eucharist, and a series of hymns. In 2015, while attending the convention with his family, Ainala recorded the hymns that blared out of rusty old speakers, and molded the raw recordings into a dark ambient drone piece.

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Juhani Nuorvala

Juhani Nuorvala seeks inspiration from widely varied sources. With the enthusiasm of an explorer, he has delved into microtonality, French spectral music, techno and rock. It all becomes organically fused into his own idiom, often characterised by a frenzied rhythmic drive. Nuorvala’s output comprises widely differing works, in genres from the radiophonic to the symphonic. His Garage Symphony is a good example of the urban nature of his music, drawing inspiration not from nature but from a basement, the default setting of a rock band.

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