New Indie Music from Finland

The Finnish indie music scene is blooming with versatility! Some of the internationally known names in the genre are Satellite Stories, Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Lake Jons, while labels such as Soliti, Playground Music, Svart and Solina bear the torch for Finnish independent music.  

Under the admittedly vague umbrella of Finnish indie, you can find anything from 60s influenced psych garage rock to gleaming synth pop, adventurous jazz-influenced art rock, melancholic shoegaze, lo-fi, dream pop and everything in between.

The playlist, available on Spotify and Apple Music, will be updated frequently. Please scroll down for artist biographies.

Related Artists

Jesse Markin

Jesse Markin is a Liberian-born singer-songwriter from Finland. Before his solo career, Markin was the vocalist in the band The Megaphone State, which produced three acclaimed hip hop albums. As a solo artist Markin takes leaps forward both musically and thematically and broadens his expression from rapping to singing.

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Joensuu 1685

Joensuu 1685 is a rock trio formed in 2007 by two brothers Mikko and Markus Joensuu with Risto Joensuu (no relation). Their music is drowned in overtones, feedback and noise, and paint a soft but sizzling stream of big beauty. In 2010, while finalizing their second album the band suddenly exploded in to pieces and Joensuu’s went on their separate ways: the band Siinai and Mikko Joensuu's solo career. In 2018 the band reunited and decided to return with the unfinished album abandoned years ago – which is now finished and will be released in 2020.

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Singer-songwriter Sätilä combines a fusion of alternative/indie music with rich pop soundscapes. Sätilä spent his formative years in an alternative rock band before moving to Sydney, Australia, where he studied songwriting and eventually he headed back to Europe to follow his own sound. His debut solo single "Always Will" was released in 2017, which was followed with the ep "Out of Love" in 2018 and another single "Like You Do" in 2019.

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Sam Shingler

Sam Shingler is a half-Finnish, half-British singer-songwriter hailing from the vibrant music scene of his native Helsinki. During his career Sam has written and performed with various bands and projects, such as The Pansies, Husky Rescue, Montevideo, and more recently The Lieblings and Treemer. Following numerous bands, Sam is finally working on his first solo project.

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Kairon; IRSE!

Formed in 2009 by four inner-space travellers from western Finland, Kairon; IRSE! is a rare bird, near-impossible to classify. The Wire describes their music as a “viperous cocktail of space rock, Greg Lake-era King Crimson and free jazz”.

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Dream pop trio NEØV was formed in Juankoski by brothers Anssi and Samuli Neuvonen. So far NEØV has released two albums, "Orange Morning" (2013) and "Dominique" (2015). Their third record "Volant", slated for release in 2019, has been described to combine precious arrangements, fragile guitar work, enticing loops and beats, echoing piano.

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The Helsinki-based electro pop trio of Antti Ojala, Eino Anttila and Joonas Hakava first appeared on the scene around 2011, in the pinnacle of the chillwave wave. After several years of silence the trio suddenly came back in 2019 with a new single "Gem of the Ocean" featuring Icelandic singer Jófríður Ákadóttir, also known as JFDR.

The Holy

Helsinki-based quintet The Holy rely on a massive sound (backed by two drummers!) and adrenaline-filled stage antics. Their brand of epic indie rock has been championed by bands such as The War on Drugs and Arcade Fire, but The Holy’s songs have enough potential to fill stadiums on their own one day. The Holy's debut album "Daughter" was released in 2018 and will see its follow-up with "Mono Freedom" in 2020.

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Grandmother Corn

Grandmother Corn is a youthful and funky indie rock foursome with a decidedly retro sound and approach. Established in 2015, they have released two independent albums and four singles. Between 2019 and 2020 Grandmother Corn toured in Finland and in the UK in support of their second LP “Don't Look Back”.

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Finnish-British singer otta released her debut ep "After It All Blew Over" in early 2020. In July it was followed by another EP named "Songbook", written, recorded, produced, engineered and performed by otta herself, with additional production and mixing by producer Kwes, known from his music on Warp Records and productions for many international stars. Otta's music is intriguing bedroom pop with minimalistic, electronic production, lo-fi tendencies and strong focus on otta's vocals.

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Suad is a Helsinki-based artist with a cool, soft voice and years of experience in recording and performing. She has been appearing in projects such as Finns Uusi Fantasia to the UK producer Cantoma and in cooperations with Jaakko Eino Kalevi. Now Suad focuses on her solo career: her debut ep "The Call" came out in 2017 and has been followed with singles through 2019–2020. Suad's debut album is slated for release in late 2020 via Svart Records.

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Rules is a Helsinki-based indie synth duo that weaves depth into their sweet and shameless pop-tunes. The lyrics are based on characters from world literature, filling gaps, offering new perspectives and bringing forth silenced voices. The band consists of Sarra (synth, guitar), Iiti (synth, vocals) and Oskari (drums).

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Jori Sjöroos

Musician and producer Jori Sjöroos is locally best known for producing the highly succesful Finnish band PMMP. With his own music he’s tackled a wide array of genres, ranging from atmospheric shoegaze-pop (Magenta Skycode) to electronic adventures (Fu-Tourist) and funeral doom (Thergothon) – besides composing songs for a musical about LGBT icon Tom of Finland!

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Babel plays dreamy electronic, indie pop that builds a bright world where one can escape to. The duo consists of Karin Mäkiranta (also known as other half of Karina) and songwriter-producer Mikko Pykäri (known from the indie pop band Regina, as well as his solo career).

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