New Indie Music from Finland

The Finnish indie music scene is blooming with versatility! Some of the internationally known names in the genre are Satellite Stories, Jaakko Eino Kalevi and LCMDF, while labels such as Soliti, Playground Music, Svart and Solina bear the torch for Finnish independent music.  

Under the admittedly vague umbrella of Finnish indie, you can find anything from 60s influenced psych garage rock to gleaming synth pop, adventurous jazz-influenced art rock, melancholic shoegaze, lo-fi, dream pop and everything in between.

The playlist, available on Spotify and Apple Music, will be updated frequently. Please scroll down for artist biographies.

Related Artists

Linear John

After playing in numerous bands, including Eternal Erection and Lightboxer, Markus Holkko has released his debut album under the name Linear John. On his second album Double Parade (Agogo Records) Linear John continues with his mixture of wayward pop and jazz with influences ranging from electronics to avant-garde.

Dallas Kalevala

Dallas Kalevala is a new band by Ville Malja (the lead man of alternative rock group Lapko) and sound artist Jussi Matikainen. The duo describe their electronic pop anthems fittingly as ”fierce subarctic pop music”.

Jesse Markin

Jesse Markin is a Liberian-born singer-songwriter from Finland. Before his solo career, Markin was the vocalist in the band The Megaphone State, which produced three acclaimed hip hop albums. As a solo artist Markin takes leaps forward both musically and thematically and broadens his expression from rapping to singing too.


Lapsihymy is a young Helsinki-based producer who combines woozy lo-fi-indie with melodies similar to early 2000’s Four Tet.

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The Hearing

The Hearing is Ringa Manner's (of Ruusut and Pintandwefall fame) solo project. When In Doubt Repeat These Words is the first single from The Hearing’s upcoming third album "Demian", out in September 2018. On stage The Hearing combines her warm vocal harmonies, arbitrary pop melodies, moving rhythms and her strong presence with skillful looping technique. Her sophomore album "Adrian" was nominated for Nordic Music Prize 2017.

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The Holy

Helsinki-based quintet The Holy rely on a massive sound (backed by two drummers!) and adrenaline-filled stage antics. Their brand of epic indie rock has been championed by bands such as The War on Drugs and Arcade Fire, but The Holy’s songs have enough potential to fill stadiums on their own one day. The Holy's debut album will be released in 2018.

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Finnish electro indie pop pioneers Emma and Mia Kemppainen have returned from hiatus with their new single Another Sucker. Sad Bangers, the duo’s second album will be released later this year.

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The New Tigers

Fuzz pop group The New Tigers are back with their third album, this time as a trio sans the drummer. Do Xao is the most playful, colourful and experimental, but also the poppiest and most catchy music the band has yet produced.

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olli describes his sound as: “3rd grade sleepover birthday party pop music.” Despite his young age (he just turned 18) olli has been actively making music for years now and he’s garnered a large and loyal fanbase on Soundcloud.

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Helsinki based Elifantree delivers an experimental musical trip on the border between improvised and pop music. They make songs with a razor sharp blend of social criticism, surrealism and unique sounds dipping into ambient and electroacoustic textures that creates a sound much larger and wider than the sum of their parts.

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Villa Nah

Helsinki based synth pop duo Villa Nah are known for their distinctive sound. By first making waves by with their debut LP Origin back in 2010, the band’s intoxicating blend of an 80’s inspired synth score fused with haunting vocals has become a hallmark sound of the Finnish indie scene. Duo's singer Juho Paalasmaa is also known from Sin Cos Tan.

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Cats of Transnistria

Opium, the title of Cats of Transnistria’s freshly released sophomore album is fitting: the trio’s slowly swelling guitar and violin feedbacks and melancholic melodies bring to mind a feverish dream, which resembles something akin to the works of Slowdive and Grouper.

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Karina combines elements from Sufjan Stevens inspired indie folk to 4AD-esque melancholic dream pop. The trio’s self-titled debut album, which was released in March, has received praising reviews from critics.

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Mio is the new solo project/alter ego of Mia Kemppainen (LCMDF). With a strong emphasis on the visual side, Mio delivers glossy electronic pop with inspiration stemming from artists such as M83 and Porter Robinson.

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Iisa is a Helsinki based singer-songwriter originally known as the lead singer of Finnish indie band Regina. After Regina broke up Iisa entered her successful solo career and so far has released two albums, Iisa and Kukaan ei oo kenenkään.

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Black Lizard

Black Lizard’s reputation as one of the finest purveyors of psych rock is assured. Yes, collaborations with Anton Newcombe and Sonic Boom have certainly helped spread their word, but it’s been the band’s brand of proto-punk combined with melodic hooks that’s led people to find them. On Celebration of a New Dawn Black Lizard manages to be unapologetically nostalgic yet carve out its own glorious, introspective pastiche - repackaging the Nuggets-esque garage/psych-pop and early-90s shoegaze swoons for 21st-century wastoids.

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Tampere-based quintet Vuoret creates post punk and shoegaze inspired guitar rock (although naming psychogeography, chimeric frquencies, Morlocks and other non-musical phenomena as their influences) with atmospheric Finnish-sung vocals.

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Pole Siblings

Pole Siblings is an actual sibling duo, consisting of Finns Sofia and Johan Stolpe, currently living in Falun, Sweden. The duo released their debut ep It Might Grow in 2017 on Strangers Candy Records, which takes clues from classic indie pop and dream pop equally.

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Vasas Flora och Fauna

Founded by Mattias Björkas (Cats on Fire), Vasas Flora och Fauna is one the few swedish-singing indie pop bands from Finland. The threesome released their debut album Släkt med Lotta Svärd in 2015 which gained critical acclaim especially in Sweden - as well as a celebrity fan in Jens Lekman.

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Color Dolor

Color Dolor, fronted by singer-songwriter Stina Koistinen started as an art pop five-piece in 2011. After two acclaimed albums, Cuckoo in Clock (2013) and Wonderchild (2015) Color Dolor returns in 2018 as a duo, consisting of Stina Koistinen and Nicolas "Leissi" Rehn with their third full-length called Love.

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Peura is the stage name of Sonja Pennanen, an emerging indie pop singer-songwriter, who released her debut single The Art of Dying in early 2018. Peura's music is melancholic dream pop with electronic production, and she wishes to evoke grand feelings with her songs.

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Lake Jons

Indie folk quartet Lake Jons uses samples, simple and driving rhythms, delicate guitar progressions and powerful, soulful vocals as the pillars of their sound. After two early ep's, Lake Jons released their eponymous debut album in 2018, which was recorded in an isolated cabin deep in the Finnish forest.

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