New Rock and Metal from Finland

The first groundbreaking Finnish rock bands paved the way for future success already back in the 1970’s, with bands like Hanoi Rocks and Wigwam inspiring numerous Finnish artists with their success. 

Ever since the late 1990’s Finnish rock and heavy metal bands have been household names all over the world. From stadium sized acts like HIM, Nightwish and Children of Bodom, to cult favorites such as Beherit and Terveet Kädet, the list could go on endlessly. Mind you, even Barack Obama knows that Finland has the most heavy metal bands in the world per capita!

On the New rock and Metal from Finland playlist we take a look at the most exciting new releases Finland has to offer. Listen to the playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and read more about the artists below! The playlist is updated regularly. 

New Rock and Metal from Finland

Related Artists

Block of Flats

Block Of Flats, a 4-piece rock band from Porvoo, Finland formed in 2013. Their sound is a mixture of modern indie punk rock and big catchy choruses.

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Cyan Kicks

Helsinki based alternative rock foursome Cyan Kicks sparked interest with their singles such as Gasoline, Satellite as well as their rocking cover of Clean Bandit’s Rockabye. Fronted by singer Susanna Aleksandra the band combines electronic sounds and pop hooks with a modern hard rock sound. Their debut album "I Don't Love You" was released in August 2019, with 13 songs about “chaos, lies, self-destruction, determination, fearlessness and the passion to follow your dreams”, as the band states.


You can't talk about the true greats of folk-inspired melodic death metal without reverent mention of Ensiferum, and with their new album Two Paths they once more affirm their place in the pantheons of the genre.

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Since their acclaimed debut “Dawnbearer” (2011), Hexvessel have released three albums of forest folk and bewitching psychedelia. They have played sold out headline tours in their homeland, been nominated for 2 Finnish Grammy awards, toured Europe together with bands like Sabbath Assembly and Alcest, graced the main stage at Roadburn in Holland and performed at SXSW in Texan and had their music on the charts and on many critics lists.

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Jessica Wolff

This multi-talented artist from Finland spices her energetic guitar-driven rock with catchy melodies to thought-provoking lyrics.

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Kohti Tuhoa

Kohti Tuhoa is a Finnish hardcore group comprised of people also familiar from bands such as Speedtrap, Maailmanloppu, Perikato and Kylmä Sota. The group’s two albums Rutiinin orja (2015) and Pelon neljäs valtakunta (2017), released in the US by Southern Lord, were followed by a three-song EP in 2019.


Since they formed in 2003, Korpiklaani has become one of the most acclaimed groups in the genre of folk metal, with instruments like fiddles, accordions and hurdy-gurdy in the mix. After their 2018 album "Kulkija", the band has released nearly a dozen versions of their malty anthem "Beer Beer" in different languages, along other drinking songs such as "Jägermeister" and "Land of a Thousand Drinks".

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Nightwish was originally formed in Kitee, Finland, in 1997 by keyboardist and songwriter Tuomas Holopainen. During their over two-decade existence, these metal giants have risen to become one of the biggest symphonic metal bands in the world. In April 2020 Nightwish will release their ninth studio album "Human. :II: Nature".

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Oceanhoarse is a new heavy metal group formed by ex-members of Amoral, For the Imperium and Mygrain. The band has so far released a few singles and played shows together with Beast in Black.

One Desire

One Desire is a hard rock group who draw influences from classic rock bands like Journey, Toto, and Def Leppard. Although the band is relatively new, the members have plenty of past experience from various bands and projects: guitarist and producer Jimmy Westerlund as a producer and songwriter (Negative, Joel Madden, Pitbull) vocalist Andre Linman as the leader in Sturm und Drang and Jonas Kuhlberg in Paul Di’Anno’s band and MyGrain.

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Oranssi Pazuzu

With their two latest albums Valonielu and Värähtelijä, Oranssi Pazuzu's combination of quirky progressive psychedelia and Nordic black metal has been met with praise from both fans and critics alike, and earning them nominations for Nordic Music Prize and Teosto Music Prize.

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Part Time Killer

Part Time Killer, a foursome risen from the ashes of noughties punk favorites Flippin' Beans, is a hard working band, that believes in the old fashioned ways to spread their music: kick ass live shows and touring. Their music relies on fast tempos, catchy melodies and vocal harmonies. Influenced by 90's melodic American punk and hardcore, Part Time Killer continues the skate punk legacy of bands such as Pennywise and Bad Religion.

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Smackbound is a metal band from Helsinki. All of its members are professional musicians. The founder of the band, singer Netta Laurenne, has made a very versatile career as a singer from opera to musicals and cover gigs.

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Somehow Jo

Somehow Jo is a progressive-alternative metal newcomer hailing from Tampere harvesting its own style in combining different genres.

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Tarja Turunen is one of the best-known Finnish voices in the international symphonic rock scene. Soprano, composer and songwriter, she reached international fame co-founding and being for nine years the voice and image of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. 2019 sees the release of Tarja's 7th solo album "In the Raw".

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Turmion Kätilöt

Turmion Kätilöt is an industrial metal band from Finland, formed in 2003 by MC Raaka Pee and Dj Vastapallo. They are known for their live show full of energy and dedication – as they do not hesitate to throw in scenes of self-mutilation or whatever comes into their minds.

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