New Rock and Metal from Finland

The first groundbreaking Finnish rock bands paved the way for future success already back in the 1970’s, with bands like Hanoi Rocks and Wigwam inspiring numerous Finnish artists with their success. 

Ever since the late 1990’s Finnish rock and heavy metal bands have been household names all over the world. From stadium sized acts like HIM, Nightwish and Children of Bodom, to cult favorites such as Beherit and Terveet Kädet, the list could go on endlessly. 

On the New rock and Metal from Finland playlist we take a look at the most exciting new releases Finland has to offer. Listen to the playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and read more about the artists below! The playlist is updated regularly. 

New Rock and Metal from Finland

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Melodic death metal band Wolfheart returns with Tyhjyys, their third album. The frontman of the band, Tuomas Saukkonen, is also known from his former bands Black Sun Aeon, Before the Dawn and Dawn of Solace.

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Black Light Discipline

Since 2006, Black Light Discipline has been making industrial metal tinged with elements of electronic dance and gothic influences. To date the band has released three albums and toured in Finland, Russia, Germany, Croatia and Spain.

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Flat Earth

Flat Earth consists of former Amorphis bassist Niclas Etelävuori, singer Anthony Pikkarainen and ex-members of HIM, guitarist Linde and drummer Mika Karppinen. Their debut album None for One point to the heydays of alternative rock with a pinch of wistful psychedelia.

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Tomb of Finland

Tomb of Finland has been shoveling their slow and mean death and doom metal sounds for a decade. Following their debut, ”Below the Green”, the band released their second full-length ”Frozen Beneath” in 2018.

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Teksti-TV 666

Teksti-TV 666 is a seven-headed shoegazing kraut-punk monster. Armed with no less than five (at times six) electric guitars, Teksti-TV 666 are nowadays one of the most in-demand live acts in their native Finland, and select performances abroad have caused a bit of a storm, as well.

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Profane Omen

Founded in 1999, Profane Omen is a melodic groove metal band known for their energetic live performances. Their fifth album, Ooka is released in the fall 2018.

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Melodic metal phenomenon Stam1na have achieved almost everything a rock band can achieve in Finland. Each of their six albums have sold gold and the band has played hundreds of kick-ass mostly sold out shows all over the country. Outside of their home country, Stam1na have played in Japan, Germany and the Baltics.

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Medeia has stuck to one clear objective since its founding in 2002: creating a fresh, brutal sound rich in content and uncompromising in nature. Medeia has toured relentlessly and played shows alongside such notable acts as Ozzy Osbourne, As I Lay Dying, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Between the Buried and Me, Entombed, Animals as Leaders, Decapitated, Raised Fist, Terror and Insomnium.

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ATLAS is a metalcore band, whose main influences vary from contemporary metal giants such as Architects and Bring Me The Horizon to rap, pop and electronic music. The band has played around Northern Europe with bands such as Adept, Eskimo Callboy, One Morning Left and We Butter The Bread With Butter.

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Since they formed in 2003, Korpiklaani has become one of the most acclaimed groups in the genre of folk metal. The band returns on September 7 with their latest album (which is their 10th), Kulkija. Following the release of Kulkija, which is released by Nuclear Blast, the group heads for a tour in Russia.

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Since 1988, Rytmihäiriö has been churning their decadent mixture of hardcore, thrash metal, with lyrics focusing on misuse of alcohol, homicides and the combination of the aforementioned topics.

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Turmion Kätilöt

Turmion Kätilöt is an industrial metal band from Finland, formed in 2003 by MC Raaka Pee and Dj Vastapallo. They are known for their live show full of energy and dedication – as they do not hesitate to throw in scenes of self-mutilation or whatever comes into their minds.

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Omnium Gatherum

Six-piece band Omnium Gatherum are known for their innovative combination of melodic death and progressive metal. The band has released eight albums – their latest, The Burning Cold, is released by Century Media.

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Cosmic Church

Cosmic Church was a one-man black metal band whose third full-length, Täyttymys (tr. ”fulfillment”) was released in 2018. On Täyttymys, the music pays tributes to influences such as Enslaved, Dimmu Borgir, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Isengard and Burzum.

Steve 'n' Seagulls

Steve 'n' Seagulls play bluegrass covers of famous heavy metal songs – to date the group has covered tracks such as Thunderstruck, Aces High and Cemetery Gates to name a few.


Over the years, the Oulu-based quintet Hebosagil has evolved their sound from sludge doom into, as they put it, ”new wave of Finnish Suomi rock”. Yet on their latest releases the band remains as heavy as ever, or as Jordan N. Mamone put it: ”It's a gray, harrowing, and elegiac brand of heaviness that doesn't so much hammer you bloody as permeate your pores and overpower your subconscious."

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Oceanhoarse is a new heavy metal group formed by ex-members of Amoral, For the Imperium and Mygrain. The band has so far released a few singles and played shows together with Beast in Black.


Five-piece metal band Mokoma combine thrash metal and death metal with Finnish melancholy rock influences. In early 2000s the band rose to success with their album Kurimus, which is considered to be the first thrash metal album sung in Finnish. Since then they’ve established a loyal fanbase, not just in Finland but also in Japan.

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