New Rock and Metal from Finland

The first groundbreaking Finnish rock bands paved the way for future success already back in the 70’s, with bands like Hanoi Rocks and Wigwam inspiring numerous Finnish artists with their success. Ever since the late 90’s Finnish rock and heavy metal bands have been household names all over the world. From stadium sized acts like HIM, Nightwish and Children of Bodom, to cult favorites such as Beherit and Terveet Kädet, the list could go on endlessly. 

On the New rock and Metal from Finland playlist we take a look at the most exciting new releases Finland has to offer. Listen to the playlist and read more about the artists below! The playlist is updated regularly. 

Featured cover artist: Hooded Menace

New Rock and Metal from Finland

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Finland’s number one monster rock band Lordi rose to global fame after the Eurovision victory in 2006, with their catchy hard rock hit ”Hard Rock Hallelujah”. Since then, the group have toured in Europe, US and Asia several times and released multiple albums. The band’s ninth album, Sexorcism, is released in 2018.

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Rain Diary

Since 2007, Rain Diary has operated in the field of electronic-tinged melancholic rock – especially fans of Depeche Mode and Placebo should pay notice. The band’s latest album is Black Weddings, which was released in 2017.

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Blind Channel

Blind Channel combines electronic pop influences with hard rock. Despite of the band’s young age, Blind Channel has already played hundreds of shows and toured in Europe with bands like Simple Plan, Amaranthe and Enter Shikari. Blind Channel’s second album will be released in 2018.

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Five-piece metal band Mokoma combine thrash metal and death metal with Finnish melancholy rock influences. In early 2000s the band rose to success with their album Kurimus, which is considered to be the first thrash metal album sung in Finnish. Since then they’ve established a loyal fanbase, not just in Finland but also in Japan.

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Melodic death metal band Kalmah was founded in 1998. In less than year after its formation, the band was signed to Spinefarm Records. Their eighth album Palo was released in spring 2018.

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Split Cranium

Split Cranium is like the who’s who of alternative music scene: alongside the Finns Jussi Lehtisalo (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord), Tomi Leppänen (Circle, K-X-P), the crust-punk group features members from Converge, ISIS and Mamiffer.

Hooded Menace

Hooded Menace was formed by Lasse (also known from the cult Finnish death metal band Phlegethon and death/grinders Vacant Coffin) in the summer of 2007. In June 2011 Hooded Menace signed to Relapse Records. Hooded Menace are looking to spread their music to fans of totally heavy and ultra-crushing doom and old school early 90's style death metal.

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Auri is a three-piece band consisting of Tuomas Holopainen (Nightwish), singer Johanna Kurkela, and Troy Donockley (Nightwish). Their music draws inspiration from metal, folk music, Celtic traditional music and soundtracks. Their first album will be released by Nuclear Blast in spring 2018.

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Kohti Tuhoa

Kohti Tuhoa is a Finnish hardcore group comprised of people also familiar from bands such as Speedtrap, Maailmanloppu, Perikato and Kylmä Sota. The group’s two albums have been released in the US by Southern Lord.

Hard Action

Born of a need for serious rock action and heavily influenced by 1970’s Detroit rock bands, Hard Action continues with their high adrenaline rock on their second album Hot Wired Beat.

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Santa Cruz

According to the members of the band, Santa Cruz's third album Bad Blood Rising is both their roughest and emotional release to date. The hard rock band's music has been heard in ads for Mercedes-Benz and ESPN, and they've played over 200 shows from Japan to North America, where the band toured with Sebastian Bach last year.

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Shiraz Lane

Hard rock group Shiraz Lane's debut album, For Crying Out Loud was released in 2016 by Italian label Frontiers Music Srl. In fall 2016 the group toured with Lordi for two months, followed by their first own headliner tour in Spain in 2017. At the end of 2017 Shiraz Lane toured with Brother Firetribe, and in 2018 they will release their second album.


Fans of Finnish heavy metal might see some familiar names in the lineup of S-TOOL: the band, whose debut album was released last fall, features members from Sentenced, Poisonblack, Entwine and Lullacry. The new band, however, differs from the aforementioned in their hard rock and thrash metal oriented style, with influences drawn from bands such as Entombed and Pantera.


You can't talk about the true greats of folk-inspired melodic death metal without reverent mention of Ensiferum, and with their new album Two Paths they once more affirm their place in the pantheons of the genre.

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Red Moon Architect

Red Moon Architect is a melodic doom metal band originating from Finland’s gloomiest town, Kouvola.

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