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Dig into our New Pop from Finland playlist to find the latest releases by pop heavyweights like Alma, Isac Elliot, Robin Packalen and Lxandra, contemporary EDM artists such as Perttu and Darude as well as alternative-leaning crossover pop stars like Louie Blue and Olivera – not to forget artists from genres like hiphop, trap and r&b!

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Undoubtedly the biggest pop export in Finland's history, singer-songwriter Alma rose to fame in with her 2016–2017 singles "Karma", "Dye My Hair" and "Chasing Highs". With 2018 came collaborations with Charli XCX and the release of Alma's first ep "Heavy Rules Mixtape". Her debut album "Have You Seen Her?" saw the light of day in 2020.

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Sofi Merone

Sofi Merone is the solo project of artist and songwriter Sofi Meronen. She is also a member of the electro-pop trio feelswithcaps. According to her, this project takes a step to a more playful and wonky direction. Sofi Merone is all about clever, genuine lyrics and beautiful chords.

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DJ-Producer Samlight is known for his powerful house music with melodic hooks. Samlight is now releasing new tunes on Spinnin' Talent Pool after being signed to the prestigious dance music label Spinnin' Records in early 2018.

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Erika Sirola

Erika Sirola is a singer-songwriter best known for her over 300 million Spotify plays garnering hit feature Speechless (2018) with Robin Schultz. Born and raised in Helsinki, Sirola has also spent a lot of time in her mother's homeland Canada. Now signed to Elektra Records, Sirola's debut solo single End of the Day was released in June 2022. Her sound is now far removed from the euro-centric EDM style of Speechless, landing somewhere nearer the melancholic and sombre art pop of Lana Del Rey or Olivia Rodrigo, laced with a heavily synthesized modern production.

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Davia Akenami

Davia Akenami is one of the fresh, new arrivals of the of Finnish R&B field. The half Finnish half Nigerian singer blends afro beat rhythms to soft R&B tunes and takes influence from trap music as well. As her musical role model, she names the Nigerian artist Bellah. Davia Akenami released her debut EP "God Complex" in 2021 which was followed by new singles through 2022.

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Nick-E Maggz

Independent rapper Nick-E Maggz has been making waves in his current home country Finland since he started releasing music in 2016, hopping on tracks and remixes by many local major artists. After two ep's and more than two dozen singles, in 2020 Nick-E Maggz released the catchy club anthem "Fatty" his biggest solo hit thus far. In 2021 he has released a full-length album 5IVE 20 9INE.

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Helsinki-based hip hop artist and dj Loasteeze is known for his banging boom bap influenced beats. Besides spinning the wheels of steel at arena hip hop shows, festival stages and local bars, Loasteeze has released an impressive collection of singles with domestic MC’s, as well as his debut full-length “& Friends” in 2020, followed by the ep “Työmyyrä” in 2021. The last years he has released tracks together with for legendary NY rap groups ONYX and Smif N Wessun. Loasteeze has also toured Europe with Masta Ace and served as live DJ for The Beatnuts, ONYX and Smif N Wessun.

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DeejaVu alias Leevi Lehtisyrjä is a young producer and DJ from Lappeenranta, Finland. Deejavu produces electronic dance music and has been active since 2018. He released his first single Bouncin’ Bitches in 2019.

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Eye of Melian

Eye of Melian is the brainchild of Dutch songwriter and producer Martijn Westerholt (Delain, Within Temptation), with Finnish singer Johanna Kurkela (Auri, Altamullan Road) bringing the fantasy to full life. Also contributing to the project is Finnish orchestral arranger and producer Mikko P. Mustonen who has worked on many successful releases in various genres.

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Young singer, dancer and social media influencer Joalin Loukamaa first became known as a member of the popular Now United pop group that was formed by the Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller. Joalin was born in Finland but has lived most of her life in Spain and Mexico – a fact that which may describe the nordic melancholy as well as the latin flavorings in her music. Her debut solo single Angelito was released in June 2022. The mostly Spanish-sung track is the first single from Joalin’s debut EP which will be released by a Finnish music company 11 ONES.

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In 2016 singer-songwriter Niila released his debut EP “Sorry” and album "Gratitude". The same year he played a full German stadium tour supporting Sunrise Avenue (as well as a headlining club tour) – which makes sense, as Niila has a management and recording deal with Samu Haber's CoMusic Management and shares a producer with the band.

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Saara Aalto

Internationally best known as the second finalist in the "X Factor UK" talent show in 2017, Saara Aalto is a pop music mainstay in her home country, where she has released several albums and competed in both "The Voice" and "Finland's got Talent" (coming in second place on both shows!). In 2018 she represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest with "Monsters" and released her major label debut album "Wild Wild Wonderland".

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Lola is an artist and songwriter based in Helsinki, whose music is a catchy blend of r&b, soul and pop. She released the singles “Hooked”, "Sundress", "Easy" and "These Games" in 2021. Her debut EP “Lost Tapes”, including the previous singles "Hooked" and "These Games", was released in May 2022. The EP was produced by Alexander Clifford and Aakko Petersen.

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The Second Level

EDM and pop producer/artist The Second Level, aka Daniel Helenius, put out his first releases in 2016. He was signed to Warner Music Finland in 2020, after having warmed up for David Guetta in Estonia and played on the main stage of the Helsinki EDM festival Weekend in front of 30,000 people. His latest singles have been written with writers such as Alexander Pavelich, Erik Smaaland and Henrik Tala and featured singers such as Alida and Oda Loves You.

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Singer snd songwriter ILON, signed to Warner Music Finland, made her debut in 2020 with two singles, "Selfish Love" and "Catch 22". Since then she has also performed on JC Stewart's virtual tour and reportedly also recorded with Billie Eilish producer Finneas O'Connell, with the resulting music still remaining unreleased. ILON's music has made an impact on several music bloggers, with one heralding her as "the next essential contender amongst a wave of Nordic artists who are making an international impact".

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Bentality is a Helsinki based rapper and producer with a 10 year experience in the Finnish underground hip hop scene. His flow incorporates singing, and "melodic or otherwise cool hooks", as well as deep and clever verses. The name Bentality is derived from "Ben’s Mentality".

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Ida Alex

A newcomer in the Finnish pop scene, Ida Alex debuted with a few singles in 2021, which were followed by the ep release "Free Woman" in 2022. With a Y2K leaning electronic dance pop sound and empowering lyrics, the future looks bright for Ida Alex.

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Planet Case

This young quintet combines pop, alternative rock and EDM, inspired by the music of bands like Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, M83 and The 1975. The band released their debut ep "Simple Thoughts" in 2018 and has already gained a good and growing amount of followers and airtime on national radios.

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Riku Rajamaa

After two decades of experience in the music industry and after 14 years as guitarist of Sunrise Avenue, Riku Rajamaa started his solo career in 2021. With a multi-instrumentalist background, Rajamaa’s music creates a vast sonic landscape. His debut single “Painless Love” was released in early 2021 and tells a story about struggle and longing.

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Lucy Lohan

Trap, J-pop and hyperpop inspired producer, singer and songwriter Lucy Lohan appeared on the Finnish scene in 2020, releasing a string of of singles, leading up to their debut ep "Proxy" in 2021 as well as a feature spot on Knife Girl's track "Only You". In 2022, Lucy Lohan was signed to Finnish indie label Soliti Records with two new singles, "Nonchalant" and "Evian" being released before their second ep "Gunk", out May 13th.

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Producer and songwriter Janji, born in 1993 in Helsinki, scored a streaming hit with his song "Heroes Tonight" in 2015 which featured Swedish singer Johnning. The song has over 40 million streams on Spotify since it has been playlisted in numerous gaming playlists. In the past couple of years Janji has released nearly a dozen singles as an independent artist on his own label.


Finnish-American rapper Averagekidluke was discovered on Soundcloud when he was just 19. It did not take long until he impressed major A&R’s with his imposing flow and melodic rapping. Now Averagekidluke is signed to Warner Music Finland, being one of the label's main export artists. His 2021 debut ep "Promised Neverland" was followed by the singles "Uptown Baby" and "Gone" in 2022.

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Don Johnson Big Band

Despite the band's title, these guys have almost nothing to do with the blonde-mulleted 1980's heartthrob who played James "Sonny" Crockett in Miami Vice. Finland's DJBB is a popular live hip hop quintet with a long history (founded in 1997), wide crossover potential (their musical style ranges from sure-fire rap to pure pop to funk and even 80s soft rock) and a charismatic, fast-tongued MC in Father Metro (a.k.a. Tommy Lindgren, also an important cultural and political figure in Helsinki).

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Jannike is singer-songwriter who’s been active since 2008 but started to aim at international career in 2014. Her music has been described as joyful and positive pop with strong melodies and catchy choruses. Jannike’s debut album “The Girl in the Picture” released in 2017 was an outcome of collaborations with renowned international writers like Linda Thompson and Randy Goodrum.

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Alternative pop singer-songwriter Julie claims to turn her "demons into art and bring out the beauty in anything ugly". Newcomer in the Finnish pop scene, Julie (Julia Sundberg) has her roots embedded in northern Finland. Her music is a soft combination of extremes that brings solace into a world that can leave you feeling lonely. Through her storytelling, Julie wants to bring light on people's mental health and silent struggles. Julie’s debut EP "Are you listening?" will be released in 2022.

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Singer and songwriter Olivera describes herself as an "interesting mixture of a modern indie pop artist and a goofy little garden gnome". Releasing her debut solo EP "Flow" in 2015, Olivera has also worked as a songwriter and a featuring artist for huge EDM names such as Tiësto, Zaxx, 3LAU, Sonny Alven, Lucian and John Dahlbäck. In 2022 Olivera competed in Finland's selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with her single "Thank God I'm an Atheist", ranking fourth in the national competition.

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Pop artist Roye has an international sound combining analog and modern production techniques. He has collaborated with number of different artists, including Finnish producer Samlight. Roye’s first major release was the EP “Leave your heart open” (2021), which has been followed by numerous singles throughout 2021–2022.

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Glayden, who previously made music under the names Ronnie Frost and RONNIE, has fostered his career with single releases such as "Eurosport" and "Sunkissed", as well as the three-track ep "Vulgar Vanity Vol 1" in 2020. In his production, Glayden unprejudicedly combines the gloomy spirit and aesthetics of early 2000s heavy metal with eurodance, rap and art pop, as well as spectacular visuals.