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Dig into our New Pop from Finland playlist to find the latest releases by pop heavyweights like Alma, Isac Elliot, Robin Packalen and Lxandra, contemporary EDM stars such as Perttu and Darude as well as attitude-packed hiphop and r&b stars like Rebecca.

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Signmark is a deaf Finnish rap artist. He describes his music as being party hip hop that takes a stand. Born into a signing family, Signmark feels that society should not treat the deaf as disabled people but as a linguistic minority with their own culture and history. When performing, he rhymes signs by ensuring that they have the same types of hand forms and signs.

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Lasse Mellberg, better known by his stage name Redrama, is a Finnish rapper who made a breakthrough in 2003. Redrama performs in English, Swedish and Finnish and was part of a hip-hop group Alien Allies together with Norwegian Paperboys and Madcon.

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Lxandra is a young Helsinki based singer and songwriter now living in Berlin. She was introduced to the world through Perttu’s EDM hit ”Waves” in 2016. In 2017 Lxandra released her two first solo singles, ”Flicker” and ”Hush Hush Baby”. Lxandra is signed to Universal Deutschland and has a publishing contract with BMG Germany.

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Misha is a rapper, beatmaker and a producer whose musical background is strongly in melodic soul-based hip-hop. He lives in Helsinki and has roots in Ukraine

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New Ro

New Ro is the current monicker of Ronja Richardsdotter Stanley. She made her debut in 2012 as Ronya with the album "The Key Is The Key", which was followed by another full-length "Tides" in 2015. In 2018 Ronya announced that she has changed her stage name to New Ro and released the single "I Cum", which was followed by numerous singles and two ep's in 2020. She has a publishing contract with Sony/ATV Germany.

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Tomi Saario

Tomi Saario is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and a recording artist who released his debut single "Just A Little" in early 2020. Saario introduces himself as "both a compelling storyteller and an artist with an innate knack for writing pop hooks".

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Isac Elliot

Born in 2000, Isac Elliot is Finland's first genuine teen pop star with more than a million monthly listeners on Spotify. Elliot released his debut album "Wake Up World" in 2013 at age 13, and has since put out two more albums ("Follow Me", 2014 and "Faith", 2017) for a constantly growing international fanbase.

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Tuomo Prättälä is a Finnish jazz and soul musician, as well as a composer and producer, known for his contributions to bands like Ilmiliekki Quartet, Quintessence, Q-Continuum and Huba. He has made a solo career as the singer-songwriter Tuomo, with influences from nu-soul and funk. In his 2019 single "Tindercaust" Tuomo channels some serious D'Angelo and Maxwell vibes, with an electronic-meets-organic production in the vein of Soulquarians, The Roots and J Dilla.

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Aksel Kankaanranta is a Finnish singer who was supposed to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam with the song "Looking Back". In 2017, he placed second in The Voice of Finland. Now he's released with his second single "Hurt".

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Studio Killers

Studio Killers, a virtual electro pop band made up of fictional characters (Cherry, Goldie Foxx, DJ Dyna Mink, and manager Bipolar Bear) first appeared in 2011 with their hit single "Ode to the Bouncer". An eponymous debut album saw the light of day in 2013 and the next year Studio Killers performed their first gigs at Ruisrock and Ilosaarirock festivals, in the form of performers in masks and costumes as well as screen projection. In 2018 Studio Killers came back with new single – but the real comecack happened in the form of their 2013 single "Jenny" becoming a massive TikTok throwback hit in 2020.

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Vince Vigo

Mysterious (no real name or photo released yet!) electro pop artist Vince Vigo debuted in 2020 with a single that exudes a gloomy, in some places even threatening atmosphere, combined with empowering and energetic colors. His producers perjantai4000 and Pepe jean Jr. are also known from e.g. Louie Blue's production team.


View, born Juuso Ruohonen, is a Helsinki-based hip hop artist whose music mixes deep and hypnotic vocals with dark and powerful beats courtesy of producer Joonas Laaksoharju, to form a recognizable take on modern trap. View debuted in 2015 with the "Avalon" ep, which has been followed by the album "Leave A Comment" in 2017 and the ep "I See the Same Dream Every Night" in 2020.

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Robin Packalen

Robin Packalen is one this decade's biggest phenomena in Finnish pop music: he rose to local fame with his first single when he was 13 (back then branded mononymously as just Robin). After seven years on the top of the Finnish market, it was time for Robin Packalen to take his talent and charisma abroad. With help from Samu Haber's management company Comusic Productions, Packalen's international career has seen three single releases so far and will be followed by an album in late 2020.

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Rico, born in Morocco as Rida Ettyjani, is an independent singer, songwriter and music producer. The extremely prolific artist debuted in 2019 with his first album "Changes", which was followed by his second full-length "Cocoon" in 2020, along with several non-album singles. Rico's musical style is mainly based on r&b, but it also has influences of other genres, such as rap and afroswing.


Singer, songwriter, producer, painter and “trashion” designer Venior describes her style as “Freeky Punky Pop”. Mixing wild, experimental beats with heavy bass sounds, powerful vocals and a strong message, she wants to "shake current dogmas and create movement and change". During her major label period in 2015–2017, Venior travelled from studio to studio (i.e. Stockholm and London) working with producers and songwriters from all around the world, before relocating to Berlin, where she curretly resides. In 2021 Venior is planning to release her debut album.

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Don Johnson Big Band

Despite the band's title, these guys have almost nothing to do with the blonde-mulleted 1980's heartthrob who played James "Sonny" Crockett in Miami Vice. Finland's DJBB is a popular live hip hop quintet with a long history (founded in 1997), wide crossover potential (their musical style ranges from sure-fire rap to pure pop to funk and even 80s soft rock) and a charismatic, fast-tongued MC in Father Metro (a.k.a. Tommy Lindgren, also an important cultural and political figure in Helsinki).

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Undoubtedly the biggest pop export in Finland's history, singer-songwriter Alma rose to fame in with her 2016–2017 singles "Karma", "Dye My Hair" and "Chasing Highs". With 2018 came collaborations with Charli XCX and the release of Alma's first ep "Heavy Rules Mixtape". Throughout 2019 Alma has released songs which will form her debut album "Have You Seen Her?", out early 2020.

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Producer and songwriter Janji, born 1993 in Helsinki, scored a streaming hit with his song "Heroes Tonight" in 2015 which featured Swedish singer Johnning. The song has over 40 million streams on Spotify since it has been playlisted in numerous gaming playlists. In the past couple of years Janji has released nearly a dozen singles as an independent artist on his own label.

Nick-E Maggz

Independent rapper Nick-E Maggz has been making waves in his current home country Finland since he started releasing music in 2016, hopping on tracks and remixes by many local major artists. After more two ep's and more than two dozen singles, in 2020 Nick-E Maggz released the catchy club anthem "Fatty" his biggest solo hit thus far.

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Singer and songwriter Olivera describes herself as an "interesting mixture of a modern indie pop artist and a goofy little garden gnome". Releasing her debut solo EP "Flow" in 2015, Olivera has also worked as a songwriter and a featuring artist for huge EDM names such as Tiësto, Zaxx, 3LAU, Sonny Alven, Lucian and John Dahlbäck.

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In 2014, NME magazine described Freeweights as if "They sound like they’ve spent the past 30 years on holiday with Wham!" – which is a quite accurate take on the 80s-obsessed pop fivesome. With their swaggering vocals, slapping basses, big synths and even bigger choruses, the band really takes you on a journey four decades back!

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Alex Mattson

EDM producer Alex Mattson was signed with Sony Music Finland and Ultra Music at 19 years. Released in 2016, his debut single UFO feat. Solamay streamed platinum. In 2018 Alex Mattson released his debut ep "Eleven" via Sony Music Finland.

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Singer snd songwriter ILON, signed to Warner Music Finland, made her debut in 2020 with two singles, "Selfish Love" and "Catch 22". Since then she has also performed on JC Stewart's virtual tour and reportedly also recorded with Billie Eilish producer Finneas O'Connell, with the resulting music still remaining unreleased. ILON's music has made an impact on several music bloggers, with one heralding her as "the next essential contender amongst a wave of Nordic artists who are making an international impact".

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Channeling gothic imagery and alternative electronic pop, Jeremine debuted in 2020 with the singles "Alive & Breathing" and "Goth Boy Summer". Jeremine is signed to Warner Music Finland.

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Eva & Manu

Comprising of singer-songwriters Eva Louhivuori and french-born Manu Laudic, folk pop duo Eva & Manu started out in 2010, traveling around the world recording songs and releasing them in a blog. Their eponymous debut album saw the light of day in 2012 with big domestic success. It was followed by the album "Cinnamon Hearts" in 2014 and the ep "In the Woods" in 2019.

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Altamullan Road

Founded by two Finnish artists with major solo careers: Johanna Iivanainen and Johanna Kurkela (also known from the band Auri with her husband Tuomas Holopainen) were longtime friends even before their first band together. Described as "cinematic dream pop", Altamullan Road released their first singles in early 2020, which will be followed by an album and a string of shows later this year.

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Louie Blue

Louie Blue (real name Alec Moborg) is a singer-songwriter from Turku. Louie Blue’s music is a combination of smooth r&b, soulful indie pop and sophisticated dance beats.

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