New Pop from Finland

Dig into our New Pop from Finland playlist to find the latest releases by pop heavyweights like Alma, Isac Elliot, Robin Packalen and Lxandra, contemporary EDM stars such as Perttu and Darude as well as attitude-packed hiphop and r&b stars like Rebecca.

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Undoubtedly the biggest pop export in Finland's history, singer-songwriter Alma rose to fame in with her 2016–2017 singles "Karma", "Dye My Hair" and "Chasing Highs". With 2018 came collaborations with Charli XCX and the release of Alma's first ep "Heavy Rules Mixtape". Throughout 2019 Alma has released songs which will form her debut album "Have You Seen Her?", out early 2020.

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Lenno is a producer, songwriter and DJ who rose to prominence for his remixes of artists like Tove Lo and Seinabo Sey. Besides from his solo career he works on other people's records, having produced platinum sertified songs for artists and bands including Oliver Heldens, Vigiland Smallpools.

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Misha is a rapper, beatmaker and a producer whose musical background is strongly in melodic soul-based hip-hop. He lives in Helsinki and has roots in Ukraine

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Lxandra is a young Helsinki based singer and songwriter now living in Berlin. She was introduced to the world through Perttu’s EDM hit ”Waves” in 2016. In 2017 Lxandra released her two first solo singles, ”Flicker” and ”Hush Hush Baby”. Lxandra is signed to Universal Deutschland and has a publishing contract with BMG Germany.

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Kahikko is a Finnish dj and producer mainly known for his energetic remixes which have been supported by the likes of Tiesto, The Chainsmokers, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Timmy Trumpet, TJR and many more

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View is a Helsinki-based artist who is often described as the greatest talent in the Finnish urban music scene. View's music mixes deep and hypnotic vocals with dark and powerful beats to form a unique and recognizable take on modern trap. With a strong visual presence to match the music, View invites to get lost in his cinematic world''

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New Ro

New Ro is the current monicker of Ronja Richardsdotter Stanley. She made her debut in 2012 as Ronya with the album "The Key Is The Key", which was followed by another full-length "Tides" in 2015. In 2018 Ronya announced that she has changed her stage name to New Ro and released the single "I Cum". She has a publishing contract with Sony/ATV Germany.

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Alex Mattson

EDM producer Alex Mattson was signed with Sony Music Finland and Ultra Music at 19 years. Released in 2016, his debut single UFO feat. Solamay streamed platinum. In 2018 Alex Mattson released his debut ep "Eleven" via Sony Music Finland.

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After a three album career as a folk pop singer-songwriter, Sansa moved to London in 2015. During three years Sansa collaborated with DJ’s and songwriters from around the world, became familiar with the radiant club scene in London and fell in love with electronic music. Sansa and producer Mikko Gordon (who has worked with Nigel Godrich and Thom Yorke) collaborated on her 4th album which will be out in 2018.

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Electronic music producer Perttu put out his first single ”Waves” in 2016, which became a large summer hit – after that he’s dropped more than a dozen more, such as ”Circles”, "Stardust", "Milky Way" and "The One. In addition to working on his own songs, Perttu has produced songs for pop singer-songwriter Lxandra.

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Louie Blue

Alec Moborg aka Louie Blue is a 02’ born music creator from Turku, Finland. Louie Blue’s music is a versatile medley of genres dancing around electric RnB.

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Tika made her first breakthrough in 2018, when she won the Finnish X-factor contest. Now this strong-voiced artist is participating in the Finnish UMK song contest, whose winner will represent Finland in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

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Tomi Saario

Tomi Saario is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and a recording artist who released his debut single "Just A Little" in early 2020. Saario introduces himself as both a compelling storyteller and an artist with an innate knack for writing pop hooks. He's currently working on an EP ‘I Think We Need To Talk…’


feelswithcaps is an electro-pop group consisting of singer and songwriter Sofi Meronen, keyboardist Mikael Myrskog as well as drummer and producer Aleksi Kinnunen. They deliver infectious indie pop with a sliver of Nordic melancholy.

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The 22-year-old Finnish dj-producer released his debut single ''Traces'' with IOLITE in 2018, paying homage to his dance music roots. His second release ''Plan B'' featuring Laudic (from Eva & Manu) demonstrated his versatility by exploring a more intimate and urban setting.

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Noora is a budding independent pop singer and songwriter still in her early twenties. Noora released her first singles "Bleeding" and "Pray" in 2018, which were followed by "Veins" in July 2019.


The alternative hip-hop artist Deadvoss, (formerly known as Snø), released his debut album in 2019, on which he reflects on his history with drugs, addiction and impulsive behavior. Deadvoss is considered alternative due to his combining of genres, which include black metal, punk, r&b and trap. Also, his lyrics differ from the mainstream by being cryptic and mysterious. The melancholia and aggressiveness of Hades Detox Current roots from his bad experiences with drug addiction.

Sunrise Avenue

One of the biggest exports in the history of Finnish rock and pop, Sunrise Avenue, fronted by charismatic singer Samu Haber, has sold out over 2.5 million albums and is known to sell out stadiums in Germany year after year. After 2018's "Heartbreak Century", Sunrise Avenue came back this year with a new single, the title track to the sequel of the hit comedy "Iron Sky".

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Electronic producer, musician and DJ Kasper Granroth's, professionally known as Kasperg, focus lies within electronic dance music, incorporating elements of hip hop and of R&B to his productions. Currently based in Berlin, Kasperg is known from his energetic DJ-sets and live shows. Kasperg is also the drummer in Alma's live band.

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Isac Elliot

Born in 2000, Isac Elliot is Finland's first genuine teen pop star with more than a million monthly listeners on Spotify. Elliot released his debut album "Wake Up World" in 2013 at age 13, and has since put out two more albums ("Follow Me", 2014 and "Faith", 2017) for a constantly growing international fanbase.

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Emily Frost

Emily Frost is a singer-songwriter and producer from Helsinki. Her music is a playful mix of electronic and organic sounds, catchy melodies and soulful singing with an R&B twist.

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Niina released her first single in 2016 being followed by annual single releases. Her latest outcome is an EP "Nights" released in autumn 2019. Niina's music combines dark indie vibes and melodic pop sounds.

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Saara Aalto

Internationally best known as the second finalist in the "X Factor UK" talent show in 2017, Saara Aalto is a pop music mainstay in her home country, where she has released several albums and competed in both "The Voice" and "Finland's got Talent" (coming in second place on both shows!). In 2018 she represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest with "Monsters" and released her major label debut album "Wild Wild Wonderland".

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Producer and songwriter Janji, born 1993 in Helsinki, scored a streaming hit with his song "Heroes Tonight" in 2015 which featured Swedish singer Johnning. The song has over 40 million streams on Spotify since it has been playlisted in numerous gaming playlists. In the past couple of years Janji has released nearly a dozen singles as an independent artist on his own label.